Our Purpose

At Abacus Early Learning Centers, we believe we have the best job in the world. Our staff became trained child care professionals because of their genuine hearts for working with children. We feel our purpose is in helping infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school agers develop into happy, healthy kids.

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It is our responsibility and joy to care for your child as you would: with love and acceptance. We strive to help children develop self-confidence and positive relationships with other children and adults.

Learning Programs for Children


Teachers in each room work together to provide experiences children need to grow emotionally, physically, socially, academically, and intellectually.

Abacus values parents as part of its team. Our educators steadily inform parents of their children’s progress and involve them in addressing each child’s unique learning needs. Parents are welcomed into the classroom at any time and encouraged to participate in our many family events scheduled throughout the year.


From the beginning, we place a firm emphasis on friendly, positive, and courteous communication in and out of the classroom. All our teachers strongly facilitate healthy expression and sharing of experiences, ideas, and feelings between children and adults.


Learning is a nurturing experience. We focus on the experience each child gains while doing an activity, rather than how expertly it is done. Every activity is planned to engage the special interests, needs, and abilities of the children in each class.

Teachers post weekly lesson plans, information about special events, and projects in which the children have participated throughout the day.

Everyday Preschool Experiences

Our preschoolers are exposed to a series of arranged subjects and activities designed for their particular learning level.

Discovery and Exploration
Fine motor skills
Gross motor skills
Dramatic Play
Language and Math
Social Skills

The daily preschool curriculum incorporates a variety of activities catered to both individual and group learning. Indoor and outdoor play, quiet and active lessons, large and small muscle movements, and child and adult-initiated activities deliver a well-rounded learning experience.

All Abacus Early Learning Centers are state-licensed facilities and nationally accredited by NECPA.

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