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Abacus Early Learning Center in Carmel, Indiana, offers daycare for infants and toddlers. Our preschool and child care programs combine educational materials with engaging activities to ensure a fun, collaborative, and effective learning environment for ages 2-5 years olds.

Our Early Learning School for Toddlers Prepares Your Child for Elementary School

The instructors of both our Abacus Carmel daycare programs and educational classes collaborate to provide valuable learning experiences for children of all ages. Our child care services and toddler education programs are designed to enhance your child’s skills in areas such as literacy, math, science, computers, creative art, music, and dramatic play.

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Our daycare and toddler education center in Carmel, Indiana offers a number of affordable, hands-on programs. We structure toddler education programs and child care services into individualized “learning centers” that are designed to enhance your child’s skill set in a variety of academic areas. Each learning center classroom includes interactive and intriguing activities that are designed to boost your child’s mental and physical development.

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Structured Lesson Plans Designed for All Types of Learning Styles

The programs at our daycare in Carmel, Indiana are structured to help prepare your child for the curriculum, requirements, and schedule of elementary school. As your child progresses in preschool and junior kindergarten, our educators will keep you informed about course materials, projects, and updates. Our instructors collaborate with parents to develop a structured learning plan that meets their child’s unique needs. The Abacus Early Learning Center also has schools and daycare programs in other areas of Indiana. Schedule a tour of our Carmel Preschool. Or other locations such as Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, or Westfield, Indiana learning centers.

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At the Abacus Early Learning Center in Carmel, we believe educational excellence is achieved through a systematically organized environment. We also believe that we help foster that environment by providing both infants and toddlers with engaging activities and programs.

Some programs that the Abacus Carmel learning center offers include:

All of these programs are customized to your child’s learning requirements. Contact our instructors and staff with questions or concerns about our day care and toddler education programs.


Director: Kristin Karver
13101 Illinois Street
Carmel, IN 46032
P: (317) 581-1222
F: (317) 581-1444


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