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Abacus Curriculum Themes

Abacus Curriculum Themes:

Abacus believes that educational excellence is achieved through a systematically organized environment where the teacher creates intentional learning opportunities that offer hands on experiences. Children are offered structured learning centers, small and large group activities, and individualized experiences on a daily basis. Through observation and assessment teachers will develop an educational plan based on individual strengths and challenges.

* Holiday activities will be planned and incorporated when appropriate.


Activity Themes: 
Winter, Five Senses, Animals

Gross Motor- walk along a line or beam
Creative Exploration- Textures
Fine Motor- Dressing skills (snapping, buttoning, etc.)
Language & Literacy- Ordering/ sequencing events
Math- Patterning
Science-Sink and float
Life- Following classroom routines & directions


Activity Themes: 
Famous Americans, Emotions, Dinosaurs

Gross Motor- Climbing
Creative Exploration- Paint exploration
Fine Motor- Lacing
Language & Literacy- Book and print orientation
Math- One to one correspondence
Science- Simple chemistry
Life- Verbally asserts needs and desires


Activity Themes: 
Transportation, Circus, Things that Fly

Gross Motor- Jumping, skipping and hopping
Creative Exploration- Color mixing
Fine Motor- Using two hands at once
Language & Literacy- Letter awareness
Math- Size concepts
Science- Compare/contrast
Life- Work and play cooperatively with peers


Activity Themes:
Spring, Earth, Health and Exercise

Gross Motor- Throwing and catching
Creative Exploration- Assembling a collage
Fine Motor- Tearing
Language & Literacy-Listening comprehension
Math- Simple arithmetic
Science- Rocks
Life- Expresses feelings


Activity Themes: 
Plants and Flowers, Space and Stars, Books and Authors

Gross Motor- Walking backwards
Creative Exploration- Using glue
Fine Motor- One finger manipulation
Language & Literacy- Storytelling
Math- Money
Science- Growing
Life- Taking turns


Activity Themes: 
Summer, Bugs and Insects, Sports

Gross Motor- Kicking
Creative Exploration- Sculpting
Fine Motor- Pounding, rolling and squeezing
Language & Literacy- Connecting illustrations with text
Math- Time
Science- Simple machines
Life- Coping and resilience


Activity Themes: 
Water Fun, Zoo, Ocean and Its Creatures

Gross Motor- Pedaling
Creative Exploration- Stamping and printing
Fine Motor- Manipulating small objects
Language & Literacy- Developing phrases and sentences
Math- Shapes
Science- Whirlpools, waterspouts and tornadoes
Life- Using materials in appropriate ways


Activity Themes: 
My Body, My Birthday, My Family

Gross Motor- Balancing and shifting weight
Creative Exploration- Free drawing
Fine Motor- Gripping objects
Language & Literacy- Pre-writing and writing
Math- Puzzles and spatial relations
Science- Simple biology
Life- Appropriately putting away materials


Activity Themes: 
Neighborhood and Community Service, Habitats

Gross Motor- Mid-line spatial orientation
Creative Exploration- Gooey and messy
Fine Motor- Linking
Language & Literacy- Rhymes and repetitive phrases
Math- Matching
Science- Magnets
Life- Appropriate participation in classroom activities


Activity Themes:
Fall, Farm, Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales

Gross Motor- Ball bouncing/dribbling
Creative Exploration- Cutting
Fine Motor- Using scissors
Language & Literacy- (back and forth communication)
Math- Number ordinance in counting
Science- Real and imaginary
Life- Problem solving


Activity Themes: 
Giving Thanks, Nutrition and Food Pyramid

Gross Motor- Pushing and pulling
Creative Exploration- Water and color blending
Fine Motor- Hand-eye coordination
Language & Literacy- Building vocabulary
Math- Measuring
Science- Cooking
Life- Using self-help skills


Activity Theme: 
Multicultural Celebrations

Gross Motor- Strength
Creative Exploration- From trash to treasure
Fine Motor- Pincher grip
Language & Literacy- Exploring foreign languages
Math- Sorting
Science- Classifying
Life- Respecting others

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